How To Pause WooCommerce Subscription Renewals


I wrote another free mini-plugin. This one allows a WooCommerce store to pause all WooCommerce Subscription renewals.

Use Cases

There are times when a WooCommerce store needs to temporarily pause all renewals, such as:

  • They need to catch up on a backlog of shipments before allowing more renewals to run
  • Supply chain has slowed down manufacturing, and new inventory won’t be in stock for another week
  • Fulfillment needs to be paused during a holiday

In these scenarios, it would be fairly safe to pause renewals temporarily, and unpause them after a certain period of time.


  • This stops actions with the `woocommerce_scheduled_subscription_payment` and `woocommerce_scheduled_subscription_payment_retry` hooks from being claimed by action scheduler, effectively pausing them.
  • As soon as they are unpaused, any past-due actions will start to run.
  • This does not pause any other actions.
  • This doesn’t work for the old PayPal Standard subscriptions or the WC Pay subscriptions that aren’t associated with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin; it only works with subscriptions managed by WooCommerce Subscriptions.


Click the green ‘code’ button, and the ‘Download Zip’ link. You can then upload that zip file to your WordPress site. Go to Tools > Pause Renewal Actions and toggle the option there to pause renewals.


This plugin is provided with no support or guarantees. Testing/development is done for this, but I’d still recommend doing a quick test on a development site before loading on production, to be sure there aren’t any issues with a specific site. If you have an issue or suggestion, please submit an issue or PR in the repository on GitHub. Thanks for being part of the WordPress community!