A new job! (pants optional)

After 3 years working for IronGate Creative, I’ve accepted a position at a new company that will allow me to work remotely full time. I’m super stoked to be on board with Prospress, one of the larger players in the WooCommerce plugin space and general believers in open source software and improving the world.

My new title is still undetermined, but I’m guessing it’ll be somewhere between “Code Detective,” “Support Sleuth,” and “Bug Squasher.” The position is based on the idea of a “Support Engineer,” but I don’t feel like that’s really following the trend of modern tech companies giving their employees catchy titles like “Happiness Engineer,” “Growth Hacker,” or simply “Ninja.”

I’ve passed my Lead Developer torch on to someone who is more than capable of filling my shoes, and it is with some nostalgia that I hand over the reigns of some of my beloved projects. I won’t miss commuting, though.

As I embark on this new position, I’m excited to see how working with a new team will increase my learning curve, as well as how working remotely will decrease my stress. When I told my wife I’d be working remotely full time, she said, “Is this going to affect your hygiene?”

We all have different priorities…