Category: Case Studies

  • Reid Health

    Reid Health

    Acted as lead developer on complete redesign and overhaul of hospital website as they transitioned to an umbrella health organization. We used¬†WordPress as a CMS to provide a user-friendly experience for the non-tech-savvy content administrators. Heavy use of custom fields allowed us to provide places for lots of custom editable content while preventing design creep.…

  • DQP


    I worked as lead developer on an informational site for the Degree Qualifications Profile, a joint project between the Lumina Foundation and the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA). The primary goal was to present the concept and overview of the project in an easy-to-understand fashion, while still providing a depth of resources and…

  • Lumina Focus

    Lumina Focus

    This spring, I was the sole developer for creating a WordPress publishing tool for billion-dollar education policy foundation. For the last six years, they have been using a custom MVC PHP¬†framework, and we aided their transition into the era of responsive designs and ability to manage their own content.  

  • WooCommerce Casket Store

    WooCommerce Casket Store

    I was the sole developer for the online storefront for a cremation products vendor. We quickly settled on WooCommerce as the most robust e-commerce platform, and though the designers based their design on a commercial theme, we quickly decided that the custom functionality would require us to create our own, while starting with the theme…