Reboot Takeaways

This month, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Charlotte taking the 3-day intensive leadership training course that was lead by Reboot. I’m sure there are many recaps and reviews that try to take 3 days worth of jam-packed content and try to distill it into a single post. Instead, I will drop in some takeaways and bite-sized quotes that will give you a flavor of what it was like from my perspective.

TL;DR Reboot was valuable. Here are some tidbits and thoughts of my own.

Share what you’re aware of, and ask about what you’re unaware of.

We take actions based on beliefs.

To generate action, first generate belief in the motivation behind that action.

Don’t disguise advocacy in the form of a question.

Stress can result in leaders treating people like problems.

When someone brings something to you, don’t assume that it’s a problem that you need to take action with. If you’re tempted to take action or offer a solution, ask first if that’s what they need.

How am I complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?

The number one indicator of a high performing team is psychological safety.

This has been obvious to see with the Prospress acquisition. Our team went from being in a safe space and clear sense of belonging to a period of lack of clarity around where we belong. Ideally, we are and can continue to work our way back to belonging, and by extension, being a high performing team.

When tempted to respond reflexively, ask an open question instead.

The False Attribution problem is a mental model when people think that when something bad happens to me, it’s because of my situation, but when it happens to you, it’s because of your capabilites.

It’s easier to receive feedback if you have your appreciation bank full.

Asking good questions is the most underused leadership skill.

My thoughts: what are your thoughts on that?

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