Switch between options of same subscription WooCommerce

Customer use case

I have a client that is wanting to set up a subscription where the customer would select a product and it would allow them to select one or more weekdays. The cost of the subscription would be the total of the weekdays selected, and it would be a weekly-recurring order. What I’m wondering is if the Product Addons plugin would work with the Subscriptions plugin and allow the customer to go in and update their subscription to change the weekdays? So, they originally select Mon/Wed/Fri and then later on, if they wanted to could change that to Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri and have the subscription be updated, rather than cancelling and starting a new subscription.

Required plugins


  1. Enable switching between grouped products
  2. Create a simple subscription product with checkbox add-ons to represent the days of the week:

  3. Create a grouped product, and link the simple subscription product and any other subscription product (it doesn’t matter which one):

  4. Set up a redirect from the group product to the simple product. Make sure you select “pass parameters to the target”:

User experience

  1. Customer purchases the simple product with various weekdays selected.
  2. To change their subscription, customer clicks the Upgrade or Downgrade button from their My Account page (that text is editable):
  3. Customer is taken to the product page, where they can select new options and check out:

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