Sitting on the Job (Workout for Mom and Dad #3)


About 30 minutes

Equipment needed

  • Jugs and/or 5# weights
  • Chair with arms for L-sit (optional)
  • A timer or clock

Warm up!

10 slow hinges

10 slow lunges (assisted if needed)

4 x 20 second door jamb stretch

10 air squats (or sit-to-stand if needed)

30 jumping jacks

Click to view warm up demonstration videos


This is a Partner Workout. That means you will:

  • Complete all of the movements between the two of you, splitting the reps evenly.
  • While one partner completes their reps, the other partner holds an L-sit position (from ground or chair with arms).
  • Don’t start your movements until your partner is in position.

100 shoulder press negatives (use jugs or 5# weights)

100 floor presses (use jugs or 5# weights)

100 sprawls

Score is the time your team took to finish all of the movements above.

Record your score in the comments below.

Click to view workout demonstration videos