Partners for Life (workout #2 for Mom and Dad)


About 30 minutes

Equipment needed

  • 1 full one-gallon jug to share
  • Couch
  • A timer or clock

Warm up!

10 slow hinges

10 slow lunges (assisted if needed)

4 x 20 second door jamb stretch

10 air squats (or sit-to-stand if needed)

30 jumping jacks

Click to view warm up demonstration videos


This is a Partner Workout. That means you will complete all of the movements between the two of you, splitting the reps evenly. While one partner completes their reps, the other partner rests and cheers the other one on.

200 couch push-ups

100 leg raises over the jug

50 alternating single-leg deadlifts with jug

Score is the time your team took to finish all of the movements above.

Record your score in the comments below.

Click to view workout demonstration videos