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  • You paid for Reverend Randy White’s $1.75 million mansion

    You paid for Reverend Randy White’s $1.75 million mansion

    When people donate to religious groups, it’s tax-deductible. Churches don’t pay property taxes on their land or buildings. When they buy stuff, they don’t pay sales taxes. When they sell stuff at a profit, they don’t pay capital gains tax. If they spend less than they take in, they don’t pay corporate income taxes. Priests, […]

  • Head pancakes

    Head pancakes

    The cars and bling don’t do it for me, but the thought of 100 Japanese maids serving me head pancakes makes me want to change my priorities.

  • Why life is absurd

    Why life is absurd

    “People are commonly thought to have two central concerns: love and work. So much has been written about how little time there is to do both that we need not elaborate. Suffice it to say that when people ask me how I manage to be a philosopher, mother, teacher, wife, writer, etc., the answer is […]

  • Everything happens for a reason

    Everything happens for a reason

    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is that you're stupid and make bad decisions. — Bill Murray (@BiIIMurray) July 2, 2013

  • The Utopia of Free Time

    The Utopia of Free Time

    There is no question that technology continues to make menial jobs redundant: one journalist can now do the job of many, armed only with an email account and google, teams of bank employees that used to process checks have now been replaced with optical sensor technology, and tax accountants are increasingly becoming anachronistic as more and more […]

  • CSS Puns

    CSS Puns

    Code poetry tends to go above my head, but puns are right on my level. .tower-of-pisa { font-style: italic; } td.insane-asylum { padding: 20px; } .liberal { align:left; } .muffins-ready { overflow-y: visible; } .hill-billy-sex { position: relative; } .illuminati { position: absolute; visibility: hidden; } .country-music-concert { white-space: nowrap; } .egg:before { content: ‘chicken’; […]

  • Humans Need Not Apply

    Humans Need Not Apply

    A chilling 15-minute look at how human jobs are being replaced by ‘bots, and we aren’t ready for it.

  • And fuck the God of War

    And fuck the God of War

    “People under the age of 20 have this massive hole in their soul. And they have built their personalities around cynicism. Cynicism means, simply, aping or putting into an ironic form, mocking, existing institutions, instead of building institutions of your own. What I’ve discovered is that because these people have such a deep need for […]

  • Workaholics


    I flew over my workplace on Saturday, and noticed that someone was parked in my spot. Coming in on Saturday to work, sheesh… workaholics

  • We are what we eat

    We are what we eat

    “We do not know the effect of this grand experiment that is being visited upon humanity by the purveyors of genetically modified organisms. If, in fact, we are what we eat, then we certainly should be mindful of the nature of the products we are consuming, so we know what we will become.” – Dennis […]

  • Sunset


    “I have a stalker, a beautiful one: the sunset. Every day she’s there, watching me, whether I watch her or not.” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

  • The weight of thoughtfulness

    The weight of thoughtfulness

    According to Wikipedia, Meyer joined the CIA shortly after this.

  • A reliable indicator

    A reliable indicator

    “When someone takes to calling things “hipster”, it’s a reliable indicator that you can safely ignore the rest of what they’re saying.” – LegionSB

  • “It’ll be easy…”

    “It’ll be easy…”

    When a client says, “It should be pretty easy and won’t take long,” it invariably means it will be a lengthy and painful slog through all of the seven levels of Hades.

  • Definition: Anecdata

    noun: Data gathered from personal accounts or humorous stories. His opinion was only backed by anecdata.

  • The two states of every programmer

    The two states of every programmer

    The two states of every programmer. — George Broussard (@georgeb3dr) October 10, 2014