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  • Dactyl Manuform Build Log

    Dactyl Manuform Build Log

    Some Light Reading Parts Case 3d printed custom by u/crystalhand using 30% wood filament. Based on these files, edited for BOX switches and TRRS connectors, as well as placing the pro micro holders in slightly different location. 2 Pro Micros 2 RJ9/TRRS connectors 76 BOX Burnt Orange switches 76 Diodes XDA Keycaps. Mostly […]

  • Conflict


    Conflict breeds intimacy! It’s important! – Guy talking really loudly on the phone in my coworking space

  • CA66 Build Complete

    CA66 Build Complete

    I just finished putting together the CA66 kit. So pretty and retro with SA keycaps. Caps: SA Dasher Switches: BOX burnt orange Things I learned: CA66 doesn’t work with plate-mount stabilizers, despite having a plate. You have to get PCB-mount cherry stabilizers. You have to really soak the holes with solder and get it to […]

  • Autocomplete Subscription Renewals WooCommerce

    Autocomplete Subscription Renewals WooCommerce

    The default behavior of WooCommerce is to place orders for physical products in the ‘processing’ status. If you would like to auto-complete all orders with successful payments, including subscription renewals, here’s a free mini-plugin which will do that:

  • Artwork for Prophets Fest 2017

    Artwork for Prophets Fest 2017
  • Quick Guide: How to edit keymap on Atreus62

    Quick Guide: How to edit keymap on Atreus62

    Did you get a pre-built Atreus62 from with no clue how to edit and re-flash your layout? Here are the steps I took to get it working on a Mac. YMMV: Download the QMK firmware by following the QMK quick start guide. Create your custom keymap as per the docs. Go to the Quick Start […]

  • Confirm WooCommerce Subscriptions Cancellation

    Confirm WooCommerce Subscriptions Cancellation

    We recently witnessed some issues occurring when customers using WooCommerce and Subscriptions deleted their payment methods (when they have a credit card “on file”). When they also have active subscriptions using the card they just deleted, most customers don’t realize that they also have to update their card for each of the active subscriptions. We’ve […]

  • Logging errors in WooCommerce

    Logging errors in WooCommerce

    Tracking down errors in PHP can be tricky sometimes, but WordPress and WooCommerce have some built in logging to make it easier. Here are a few snippets for future use: WP_Debug logs First, you need to turn on wp_debug and logging in your wp-config.php file. This will create a debug.log file in your wp-content folder, which […]

  • A new job! (pants optional)

    A new job! (pants optional)

    After 3 years working for IronGate Creative, I’ve accepted a position at a new company that will allow me to work remotely full time. I’m super stoked to be on board with Prospress, one of the larger players in the WooCommerce plugin space and general believers in open source software and improving the world. My new […]

  • Retro Reggae Posters

    Retro Reggae Posters

    My buddy Zack asked me to make another poster for his reggae night. In doing so, I found a couple of other old ones and I thought post them up here. Full disclosure, I pull heavily from stock vectors, but I still thought these had a cool vibe to them, and they’ve helped me work […]

  • the_date() vs. the_time()

    the_date() vs. the_time()

    These two WordPress functions can be somewhat confusing, and and for good reason: they are nearly identical, and used in similar locations. Both are used to display the publish date (and time) of the post. How are they different? the_date() the_date() will only display the same date once per page. This is designed to be used […]

  • Keeping the Web Boring

    Keeping the Web Boring

    There is a lot of temptation to create overly complicated websites. Whether influenced by the client that always wants the page to “pop,” or simply pulled along by the hype train of the latest JavaScript frameworks, it is often too easy to make things unnecessarily complicated. Web developers also tend to be a clever bunch, and […]

  • Ergodox with Datamancer keycaps

    Ergodox with Datamancer keycaps

    When you work on front of a computer all day, your keyboard becomes very personal. I love stumbling across unique keyboards, and this one certainly fits the bill. Here’s an Ergodox EZ with Datamancer keycaps. It’s like the clash of two worlds for me: the keyboard I type on daily and my grandmother’s preferred way to […]

  • Screen Brightness for MacOS

    Screen Brightness for MacOS

    Like many people, I have issues with varying screen brightness when working long hours or in low-light situations. The issue is particularly apparent when switching from a full-screen text editor with a black background to an achingly bright Google search window. My solutions thus far have been running f.lux, which changes the color warmth of […]

  • Social VR is weird. Really weird. And probably the future.

    Social VR is weird. Really weird. And probably the future.

    I got nauseated for the first time in VR today, and I’m still not sure if it was from losing my VR legs for a minute, or if it was because chat rooms in VR can get super weird. And there was a baby. When Facebook bought Oculus in 2014 and declared social VR to […]

  • My ErgoDox Keyboard Layout

    My ErgoDox Keyboard Layout

    After nearly a couple of decades playing drums and hammering away at keyboards with horrible posture and typing skills, my repetitive stress pain in my hands and arms have led me to this decision to type on an ergonomic keyboard. As strange as it looks, the ErgoDox is pretty comfortable once you get used to it. […]

  • Sparrow, oil on board, 18×24 in.

    Sparrow, oil on board, 18×24 in.

    Every once in a while, among the piles of meme-filled dreck, something really poignant gets posted to reddit. This particular one is a bit dark, but it’s a great example of the story behind the artwork being the driver of emotion. Credit to marksonwalls for his great, and somewhat disturbing, art.

  • Taylor Land Services

    Taylor Land Services

    There’s still a place for commercial themes. An old acquaintance called up asking for help: he was rebranding his family business with an emphasis on heavy machinery and he wanted help with a website and logo. I said sure, as long as he wouldn’t mind using a pre-made theme. It had been so long since I […]

  • Reid Health

    Reid Health

    Acted as lead developer on complete redesign and overhaul of hospital website as they transitioned to an umbrella health organization. We used WordPress as a CMS to provide a user-friendly experience for the non-tech-savvy content administrators. Heavy use of custom fields allowed us to provide places for lots of custom editable content while preventing design creep. […]

  • Weather Dashboard

    Weather Dashboard

    Last year, we installed a wi-fi enabled weather station on our property: the Rainwise MK-III-LR. Every few seconds, it sends updated weather data to the cloud. We chose to route the data to Wunderground, allowing it to be a peer among many personal weather stations in the area, which also opens up the data to the public. […]

  • Hunting Check-In

    Hunting Check-In

    Sometimes, a simple solution is all that is needed for a simple problem. As is common for developers and programmers of all varieties, I can’t help but enjoy finding a clever solution to a particular problem, but that pales in comparison to the joy that I obtain from coming up with a dead simple, smack-you-in-the-forehead answer. […]

  • DQP


    I worked as lead developer on an informational site for the Degree Qualifications Profile, a joint project between the Lumina Foundation and the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA). The primary goal was to present the concept and overview of the project in an easy-to-understand fashion, while still providing a depth of resources and […]

  • Lumina Focus

    Lumina Focus

    This spring, I was the sole developer for creating a WordPress publishing tool for billion-dollar education policy foundation. For the last six years, they have been using a custom MVC PHP framework, and we aided their transition into the era of responsive designs and ability to manage their own content.  

  • WooCommerce Casket Store

    WooCommerce Casket Store

    I was the sole developer for the online storefront for a cremation products vendor. We quickly settled on WooCommerce as the most robust e-commerce platform, and though the designers based their design on a commercial theme, we quickly decided that the custom functionality would require us to create our own, while starting with the theme […]

  • Entertaining


    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle